Captain who?

Imagine a cold but bright Sunday in winter.
A young boy comes home after playing in the snow the entire morning. While taking off his shoes, a blissful smile forms on his face as the smell of bacon and eggs floats from the kitchen, through the living room, and reaches his little nose. The smell of happiness.

From the day this captain was still just a little cadet, bacon and eggs were my favorite. All day, every day. And people knew. Some of my friends even started calling me "Bacon" (yes, true story).

So, when in my first year at college I had to come up with a designer name, I knew which way to go. Of course, I could have used my own name, but that's what everyone was doing. I decided to go the other way around, and found something that described me in a pure way.

Captain Bacon was born!

"You there, uhm..., Captain Bacon!"
That was probably one of my favorite moments in class the past 3 years.
It was the moment a teacher couldn’t remember my actual name, but still knew the brand I created for myself in my first year.

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